Are You Ready For Christmas? Pre-Planning Edition

I used to be a total purist when it came to Christmas. I scoffed at anyone who dared mention Christmas before the Thanksgiving leftovers were eaten. “Respect the Bird!” was my mantra.

The last few years though, I’ve softened my stance. I blame motherhood as well as just the general push of society. If everyone else is planning early, you risk being left behind. Last week, I called to make lunch reservations at a nice restaurant for my girlfriends annual Christmas outing. They had only TWO openings in December and we were still days from Halloween. One cannot dilly dally when it comes to Christmas now.

So while I don’t plan to decorate until after Thanksgiving and will try to resist playing Christmas music, I can’t promise that I won’t flip over to Hallmark for a cheesy movie or two. (Edit: Since writing this draft, I have tuned into a Hallmark movie.)

Two years ago, I blogged over on my old blog about using the FlyLady Holiday Mission Control Journal to take charge of my Christmas. It REALLY helped. I used it last year as well but didn’t blog about it because I kept a lousy cold for most of the season and didn’t feel up to it.

To read about my season of Taking Control of Christmas go here for all of the posts. 

To download your own Control Journal, go here to Fly Lady’s page. 

Later in the week, I’ll post more about how I use my Journal and my hits and misses with it.

Come join me and let’s de-stress this holiday season!

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