Taking Control of Christmas 2017-Pre-Planning

As promised, I’m going to talk a little bit about how I use my Christmas Journal to lessen the stress and chaos of the holiday season.

First, you need to print our your journal from FlyLady’s website. The link is here.

If this is your first time using the Journal, I suggest you print and read the whole thing. Since this is my third year, I’m picking and choosing what I print. My main focus is the gift list, the menu planning and grocery lists, the travel page, and the decorations pages. You do you and print whatever you need.

I paperclip my Journal and put it in a cheap folder that I reuse each year. You can make yours prettier by decorating it, using colored paper, hole punching and binding. Whatever you want to do to make it suit you.

I have kept prior years’ journals and I refer to them as my baseline for creating my gift list, remembering my decorations, and revisiting what I cooked/served last year.

In addition to my Journal, I also keep an envelope for coupons and one for receipts in my folder. I also print off a calendar page of December so I can pencil in dates, events and deadlines. I still use my phone and Happy Planner but I like having a dedicated sheet at my finger tips for planning purposes. I also keep a spreadsheet of addresses for Christmas cards and I put a copy of that in here as well. 

Be sure to write legibly in all your pages. I spent 10 minutes trying to decipher what we bought my father in law last year! 

And mostly, enjoy your journal. Have fun with it. It’s designed to help you de-stress not add more stress. 

Now get going! I’ll check back with you in a couple of weeks. 


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